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TerraVerdae receives U.S. patent for its multi-layer bioactive biopolymer technology for films and coatings
October 8, 2019


U.S. patent number 10,433,543B2 entitled “Bioactive Biopolymer Films and Coatings” was issued October 8, 2019 to Canadian clean-tech company, TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. The patent protects the company’s intellectual property for development of a fully biodegradable bioplastic mulch film for the agricultural industry.

Bioplastic agricultural mulch film developed from TerraVerdae’s bioplastic films and coatings technology reduces costs, retains moisture and promotes plant growth.

“TerraVerdae is proud to be developing its next-generation bioactive delivery vehicle that extends attributes of current mulch film technology by incorporation of agricultural bioactives into a multi-layered time-controlled-release formula for high-value agricultural applications, ” said William Bardosh, President and CEO of TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. “TerraVerdae is a leader in performance bioplastic products that can reduce the growing build-up of plastic waste in landfills and are a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics.”

TerraVerdae, headquartered in Edmonton, AB, aims to offer crop producers a new tool for enhancing plant growth and crop productivity, while helping to reduce the toxic buildup of microplastics in agricultural soil. Its mulch film will naturally and fully biodegrade as the growing season progresses, eliminating the traditional cost of removing plastic films.

In many regions, the agricultural industry faces challenges such as drought, poor soil quality and weed management. TerraVerdae’s mulch film will help retain moisture in the soil while being custom-designed to promote the growth and health of plants. The film can apply fertilizer, biopesticides and other productivity enhancements in a timed and controlled-release manner. This enables producers to maximize productivity and focus resources in other areas.

TerraVerdae’s proprietary polymer technology (polyhydroxyalkanoate or PHA) is carbon-neutral and uses renewable carbon feedstock such as municipal and forestry waste or agricultural residues. The company’s product focus is on films and coatings, thermoplastic mouldings, adhesives and specialty PHAs.

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William C. Bardosh, President & CEO, TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc.
Beverly, MA, U.S. | Office: 978-712-0220 | Email: wcbardosh@terraverdae.com

About TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. – We collaborate with customers to custom-design and manufacture bioplastic products as sustainable alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics. Our planet-friendly products are mainly used in the agriculture, forestry, food packaging, coatings, adhesives and personal care markets. We fine tune the performance of our products to meet our customers’ demanding needs for strength, elasticity, impact resistance or more. Our bioplastics are environmentally safe, naturally biodegradable and expressly biocompatible, and will not persist in the environment when end of use is attained. Established in 2009, we are a Canadian clean-tech company with global reach and product development facilities in Edmonton, AB, and Charlottetown, PEI.