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Our next-generation bioplastics are designed to perform.

Blown/Cast Film Resins

Thermoforming Resins

Injection Moulding Resins

Adhesives and Coatings

Specialty PHA Technology


Our bioplastics are environmentally safe, naturally biodegradable, expressly biocompatible and will not persist in the environment when end of use is attained.

We develop bioplastic products for the agricultural, forestry, food packaging, adhesives and personal care markets

  • Product performance designed to replace petroleum-based plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester
  • Biobased, biodegradable, compostable
  • Specifically formulated to meet customers’ performance requirements, both in terms of processing and the final product, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and post-consumer waste
  • Provide key environmental advantages and sustainable solutions to our customers
  • Can be composted along with mixed organic waste streams
  • Good processability, barrier properties, printability, water resistance; safe for food contact

Blown/Cast Film Resins – TVB 100 Series

  • Both blown and cast film grade resins, designed to replace petroleum-based plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester
  • Can be used for flexible packaging, biodegradable mulch film, greenhouse plastics,  laminating films, and extruded plastic mesh products

Thermoforming Resins – TVB 500 Series

  • Designed for rigid packaging, food containers, greenhouse plastics, 3D printing filament, and extruded mesh products
  • Broad processing temperatures; good surface finish

Injection Moulding Resins – TVB 200 Series

  • High melt flow for efficient product manufacturing
  • Good heat stability, high strength, durability, and impact resistance

Adhesives and Coatings

  • Industrial strength adhesive ideal for packaging
  • Low melting point and exceptional elastometric properties
  • Eliminates issues of glue contamination in waste paper packaging

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