Chitosan Products

Chitosan is a natural biopolymer that is derived from chitin. It is non-toxic, biocompatible, biodegradable, and antibacterial.

The conventional process for manufacturing chitin/chitosan utilizing a strong acid/base process is known to be highly variable, and to generate a low-quality product.

Our chitosan is marine derived and produced in North American utilizing green chemistry which optimally maintains the high molecular weight nature of chitosan and yields a product of exceptional purity. It is food grade and ready for formulation.

Each batch is tested and a certificate of conformance will be provided. Please contact us to discuss how our chitosan can best meet the needs of your project.


Clarification and flocculation

Chitosan and its composites possess biosorbent ability that absorbs contaminants such as heavy ions, pesticides, suspended solids, turbidity, fatty or oil impurities from wine, pool or wastewater.

Chitosan generates solids with water entrained in a lower percentage that leads to the creation of a stable and strong floc. A floc of high quality enables the treatment systems to run efficiently, both upstream and downstream.

Our ability to provide a quality product produced using green chemistry at a competitive price is a significant competitive advantage over traditional suppliers who utilize the acid/base extraction method. Furthermore, having North American-based operations allows for simpler access to the high-value North American and European markets via USMCA and CETA.

Nutritional Supplements

Chitosan is already monographed in the EU for weight loss and cholesterol reduction applications with potential applications for eye health.

The nutritional’s market is worth $2 billion/year and is expected to continue its strong growth.

As a North American-based supplier with extensive market access due to USMCA and CETA, a deep understanding of biomaterials, and a superior process that produces sustainable high-quality material consistently, we are well-positioned to be a supplier of choice for raw materials. With verifiable provenance, food-grade and high molecular weight assures quality.

Wound Healing

Chitosan is increasingly being used in wound healing applications due to its biocompatible and antimicrobial properties that minimize infection and promote healing. It is natural-derived and biocompatible.

Due to the improved quality we are able to generate, we are an ideal partner for wound dressing manufacturers.

Animal Health

Chitosan has the potential to be used for animal health. It has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for both renal health and obesity in companion animals.

Our superior quality makes us an ideal partner in the development of your veterinary medicine.

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