Invest in CleanTech Innovation

TerraVerdae Bioworks is an innovative performance biomaterials company with a successful history of developing nature-based bioplastic solutions for a more sustainable future.

We are currently scaling up our production capability and building out our commercial operations to meet exceptional new demand.

The Challenge

  • 80% of all the plastics ever made are still here.
  • The world produces approximately 400 million tons of plastic each year. Only around 4% is recycled and over 80% ends up in landfills and sites, contaminating waterways and oceans.

The Opportunity

  • The global plastics industry is worth nearly $800 billion
  • There is exceptionally strong demand by consumers, industries and governments globally for alternatives to petroleum plastics
  • We are experiencing unprecedented growth in demand for biobased and biodegradable plastics
  • Currently only 1% of plastics market today is bioplastics
  • Regulatory backdrop is putting petroleum plastics out of favour
  • Consumers are demanding sustainable solutions using renewable carbon sources

The Solution

  • PHAs are the leading alternative with production capacities estimated to increase almost tenfold in the next five years.
  • Following over a decade of collaborative product development with strategic partners and major customers, we are ready to supply the market with sustainable alternatives using our biobased and biodegradable polymers and resins

Shaping a sustainable future requires serious commitment and vision.

Designing and developing these advanced biomaterials requires collaboration, ingenuity and resources.

If you would like to invest in our journey to commercial success and to making a positive impact for a better world, please contact us.